Man reunited with his dog after renting mobile billboard 
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Google unveils driverless car – mobile billboard anyone? 
What do driverless cars have to do with advertising, marketing and media (our ostensible subjects)?

Well it’s Google innit and the tech (and ad) giant has just unveiled its first driverless car prototype.

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Human Billboard For Outdoor Media 

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Advertising Campaign 
Now more than ever, social media is playing a larger role in marketing strategies. And why not? Social Media advertising bears some similarities to the type of "in your face" advertising that human directionals and mobile billboard advertising. By now, most companies have a corporate web site. But the smart ones are incorporating FaceBook, Twitter and other forms of social media into their advertising plan. Social media sites are an excellent way to expose more people to your products and services. By sharing your information on social media sites companies are able to drive more traffic to their web sites and ultimately, gain more customers. The more your products and services get shared on social media sites, the more exposure they receive. Social media sites like FaceBook use the "Like Button" to allow people to give a thumbs up to a particular web page or site. Google uses the "+" button to also give a vote for specific content on the web. Companies like and are at the forefront of helping business get more traffic by sharing their content on social media sites. For companies that are just beginning to develop their web presence, these companies are an excellent way to gain exposure and generate traffic to their sites.
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Sign Twirlers (Tampa, Brandon, Spring Hill: HOA, daycare, how much) 
They're everywhere - they're annoying. They're in danger to street traffic, imo. But they're a good example for my young nephew and niece. I tell them the sign-twirles probably didn't pay attention in class, sat in the back and cracked jokes and didn't learn what they were supposed to learn when given the opportunity.

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Mobile billboard biz is on the move this weekend 
By Joe Salvatore
Story Published: May 23, 2014 at 10:49 PM PDT

San Diego beaches and parks will likely see an influx of both local visitors and tourists on Memorial weekend, and some local businesses will try to capture their attention.

One such business, Billboard Express of San Diego, will be rolling around town in trucks with mobile ads on the back, some of which are about 10 feet tall.

“Our drivers are given specific routes to target the market and to target [specific] audiences,” said Rick Zakhar, owner of Billboard Express of San Diego.

Zakhar’s rolling ad business began in 1994 with just one truck, today he owns twelve and has plenty of repeat business. He says the drivers follow a specific route established with the client and each truck is tracked with GPS to ensure results.

“Businesses know when they want to go out and target the masses to bring business in and we bring business in the doors for them,” said Zakhar.

Jersey Mike’s subs is featured right now on one of Rick’s trucks. It will cruise Pacific Beach Memorial Day weekend and they hope you see it.

“We really like the effect of it … make sure people know where we are,” said Steve Miller, business manager for a local Jersey Mike’s subs franchisee.

Miller says they like to use the mobile ads in areas where static billboards are far and few between, like North County San Diego. But this weekend they will target PB and Mission Beach.

“We’re doing it specifically for this holiday, we’ll see how it goes,” said Miller.
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Cool story about door hangers!!! 
So on my second job of the day yesterday, we get there, preform the walk through With the gentlemen , then we head to the kitchen to go over my presentation book.. As I ask him how did you hear about us being that it was a new client he pointed to his fridge... It was a doorhanger that we hung last summer. I think that's the longest piece of advertisement ever held onto and I got a call off of.. Pretty cool ended up being a $200 job...

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Driving Sales Using Door Hangers for Movie Theaters 
Over the years, marketing tools and materials have been transformed from the basic tools used many years ago to such materials as door hangers for movie theaters being used to promote shows. One of the ways of promoting services such as upcoming events that can be used by the entertainment industry is employing the use of these print adverts to market their shows. More...
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CA Local Governments Crack Down on Sign Spinners 
Portable-sign spinners proved a controversial topic for officials in several California towns:
• After having convened an April 15 study session, the Hanford City Council decided its sign ordinance, which forbids signage to be used off-premises or in public rights-of-way, prohibits sign spinners within the city limits. According to an April 16 Hanford Sentinel article, Vice Mayor Russ Curry bluntly asserted, “I think what I’m hearing is that the sign ordinance is a mess. It’s hard to say what’s enforceable and what isn’t.”
Fiesta Auto Insurance had received $775 worth of fines for employing a birdsuit-clad sign spinner to attract attention at a busy intersection. Its owner appealed the fines, and the city agreed to let the spinner work until the study session had been completed.
City Manager Darrel Pyle promised to ask city consultants to give ordinance revision priority, and the council asked city staff to enforce regulations with a “business-friendly attitude.”
• On April 7, Barstow’s City Council unanimously voted to prohibit sign spinners from operating on public property, which brought vehement objections from business owners. Richard Marrinelli, who operates Superior Supplements at the City Plaza strip mall, told the Desert Dispatch, “I’m a local business, leave me alone. I’m not hurting anybody.” Gina Louza, the manager of a Little Caesar’s in the same center, said she’d likely be forced to fire her sign spinner. Barstow officials also decided to forbid inflatable signage, temporary banners and other short-term signs to grand opening and other events approved by its planning department.
• Gilroy’s City Council ignored comments from local small-business operators, which included
computer-repair, tax-preparation and auto-insurance-agency owners, and voted to ban sign spinners from public property, and also outlawed A-frame signs within the city limits.
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Scottsdale challenges Arizona sign-walker law 
Scottsdale is challenging an Arizona law that will prevent the city from imposing its strict rules on street-corner sign walkers, claiming the law interferes with its right to self-governance as a charter city.
The immediate issue is whether Scottsdale must abide by a new state law requiring it to allow sign walkers on public property and in public rights of way. A city ordinance restricts sign walkers to private property, preventing them from standing close to traffic on sidewalks. Last month, Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law House Bill 2528, which prohibits municipalities from restricting sign walkers from "using a public sidewalk, walkway or pedestrian thoroughfare." State law already required municipalities to allow sign walkers, but let the municipalities establish their own reasonable time, place and manner of restrictions. Many Valley cities decided to simply follow the state law. Article continues...
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